Accurate Directional Survey is under the ownership and management of Michael Harvey with survey personnel in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Laredo, Texas. Our surveying capabilities include Electronic and film Magnetic Single Shot, Electronic Magnetic Multiple Shot, Gyroscopic film Multiple Shot, and Surface Recording Gyro systems, all with High Temperature Heatshield Capabilities. We also perform Whipstock and Down Hole Motor orientations.

Accurate continues to develop new survey innovations and technologies which will further enhance directional survey capabilities that ultimately reduce oil and gas operators’ costs. Our new electronic single shot survey tool was placed in service in January of 2009 and has proven to be more durable and user friendly than our competitors. Our Spear Point Orientation Tool (S.P.O.T.) was developed in 2008 and in May of 2009 we received a patent on the tool and the method for its use.

Currently we are working on new solid state gyro technology with the goal of producing a tool that can be dropped through the drill string and landed on a baffle plate just like a magnetic multiple or single shot survey tool.

Accurate’s vision is to continue to service the oil & gas industry by offering exceptional service with the highest level of integrity while reducing cost to our customers.

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