This tool is run inside drill pipe or casing via a rig slick line or braided line utilizing the same survey instrument as the standard magnetic multiple shot with the exception of the compass angle unit. It uses a gyroscope, which is oriented on the surface to a known direction. The gyroscope holds the direction constant as the tool traverses the well bore and records surveys showing the direction and angle of the well bore at specified depths. This tool is run inside drill pipe at the end of a section of hole prior to setting casing or at the kick off point of a directional well when a non-magnetic drill collar is not available. It can also be run inside casing prior to drilling the next section of the well, or at TD. At shallower depths, the tool is sometimes used to orient directional motors and whipstocks. The gyroscope operates on 27 D alkaline batteries and has a temperature limitation of 82°C [180° F] without a Heat Shield.

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